Do Rego & Novoa is a Spanish textile company specialized in fashion design, manufacturing and marketing.

Originated in 2007 in Galicia, the brand is mainly depicted by its classy, innovative and smart design. There are three different lines depending on the event: casual wear, formal wear and ceremony suits.

Do Rego and Novoa’s main asset is the design, fabric’s quality and dressmaking of our clothing.


Can the Beatles stop being trendy?

It is said that only what stays in time has value. This might be the reason why there are some bands that remains trendy through the years. Van Morrison and the Beatles are just two examples of it; as the time goes by their fans are just growing on and on.

This is what the term trendy means to us and this why the corporative symbol of Do Rego & Novoa is a fabulous Kougar, a glamorous and British sport car designed during the golden years of London. When you hear the Kougar engine you can appreciate the experience and tradition of this car, having the assurance of its up-to-date design.

In Do Rego & Novoa we are looking for dressing a man with the same style’s features as Kougar’s: elegant, classy and trend-setter.